Berlin events Oct 27th – 29th

Your Berlin events this weekend

Before the weekend starts properly, we’d like to remind you of the fact that it is the last Friday of the month, meaning Critical Mass reclaims Berlin’s street for us cyclists. CM starts a 8 pm on Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg just like every month.

micky-mouse-street-art-aus-berlin-mitte-19-2Party in Berlin

  • Kater Blau invites hedonists from all walks of life to a 3-day-halloween party with the motto „Tal der Verwirrung“ („valley of confusion“). Make sure to dress up, if you come for Monday’s costume ball, they take these things seriously and don’t appreciate spectators that are not performers.
  • The only other Halloween party you need to know about is Birgit’s Halloween Bambule at Birgit & Bier, featuring Kollektiv Ost, Pilota Krach with her self-styled ‚Berlin Post Rave Underground Elektro‘, Sam Shure and Michael Stach.
  • „Ethnically“ charged electronic music seems to be the order of the day. There are the immensely popular African house parties at Musik & Frieden, regular events at Yaam and now there is Gretchen with an evening of Arab-infused House and Acid. Among others Acid Arab and Habibi Funk are the main acts, and both of them do exactly what their names suggest. Mixing Arab and North-Afrincan tunes with House and Funk music.
  • Riot #9 at Ipse features Aerea Negrot, a performance by Olympia Bukkakis and DJ-sets by KAOS, Natascha Kann and Lucky Pierre among others.

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Arty in Berlin

  • A new exhibition opens on Saturday in the old Jandorf department store on Torstraße. „From White to White“ combines painting, video and photography for an exploration of the ephemereal nature of our being. Among the artists are Berlins most famous bouncer and portraitist Sven Marquardt and Luciano Castelli.
  • DHM (Deutsches Historisches Museum/German History Museum) is celebrating it’s 30th birthday these days. On Sunday it’s free entrance for everybody, and there will be music and shows and food and all kinds of entertainment. While you’re there, make sure to take a look at their exhibition of press photos.
  • Babylon Mitte is the only cinema in Germany with a working cinema organ that’s played on a regular basis. What better place to take a cinematic look at the 100th anniversary of the Russion revolution. On Sunday they feature another masterpiece by Andrej Tarkowski; Stalker

Other stuff in Berlin

  • Cosplayers and Mangaka come together for their annual Berlin gathering; Mega Manga Convention this weekend all the way in the north of the city.
  • The golden tinfoil hat-awards honour the craziest and unscientific bullshit that has been published over the last 12 months. Awards will be given to individuals or institutions that espoused the most ridiculous conspiracy nonsense in 5 categories from medicin to media. Der Goldene Aluhut is of course in German, so you should at least be able to understand it, to fully enjoy this evening.
  • Half the world seems to be learning the Ukulele, althoug the hype might already be over by the time I finish this article. Hopefully not though, because there’s the perfect event for all uke-lovers out there. The Berlin Ukulele Festival 2017 at UFA Fabrik will bring you two days of workshows and concerts.

Thanks to and Berliner Zeitung for providing some of those tipps


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