Berlin events November 24th to 26th

Our tipps for your Berlin weekend

berlin-on-bike-highlights-best-5811 It’s the last Friday of the month, which means, it’s time to take back the streets, at least for a couple of hours. Critical Mass starts at 20:00 at Heinrichplatz as always. Please support each other by corking and make sure the group stays together. To our American friends: Happy Thanksgiving, hope you survived Black Friday.

Party in Berlin

  • If a band resurfaces after 30 years in hiatus, either the protagonists need money or they’re bored as retirees. Which of those two is true for Mekanik Destrüktiw Komandöh we don’t know, but back in the day they were quite the cult combo in counter-culture West-Berlin. According to zitty they aged well and their new album is way more than just Kreuzberg nostalgia – but frankly we just love the name so much, we had to share it with you. Friday at Regenbogen Kino.
  • Casper’s 3rd album is just as enticing as the first two, but it features a different tone. Compared to earlier works his lyrics are less personal and more those of an external observer. Since his music and skills are still super-energetic we don’t mind. Friday at Max-Schmeling-Halle.
  • Columbiahalle houses Irie Révoltés on Saturday. After 17 years of resistance infused dancehall punk the band breaks up after the current tour.
  • In the past months it has been a bit quiet around Marilyn Manson, notwithstanding a news-cycle involving a lot of pain and two giant pistols. I guess marketing wise it can’t hurt that his murdering name-sake died just a few days ago. Manson is playing Velodrome on Saturday.
  • This weeks electro highlight is The Warehouse at Ritter Butzke, bringing Aka Aka & Thalstroem, Timo Maas, Zigan Aldi and many more to the stage.
  • Gaika presents: The spectacular Empire. Gaika is one of those british producers that don’t give a shit about genre borders and for his exclusive Friday club night at Gretchen he gathered a bunch of other non-conformists and explore the future of Rap music. I checked out a couple of videos from the line-up and was very impressed, especially with 808ink (see video).
  • Not much is being said about „New Kids on Acid“ at Watergate. The detailed program will be revealed on-site, but in their own words we can expect a spectacular line-up. I presume they’re playing acid.
  • This weeks dose of Balkan beats will be administered at Tiki Heart on Sunday for Tiki Balkan Birthday Brass. No idea who the jubilee is, but all the brass you need will be provided by Duvacki Orkestar Brane Al Gin

Arty in Berlin

  • If your German is good enough to follow jokes you will appreciate Punchline Comedy Club at Kaffee Burger on Sunday with three up-and-coming standup comedians; Osan Yaran, Ben Schmid and Dominik Jozwiak.
  • The 33rd international shortfilm festival interfilm runs the whole weekend in different locations.
  • Schöneberger Art Walk is a free walking tour around the Schöneberg arts scene, where you get to peak inside some lesser known galleries and studios. Admission free.

Other stuff in Berlin

  • Steel Vintage Bikes Café are celebrating their 3rd anniversary with music and bike flea market. Even if you prefer modern bikes, like I do, this is a really cool place to hang out and chat with other bike-nerds.
  • This week most Berlin christmas markets open their doors for the 2017 Glühwein season. Until we updated our best-of-list, we suggest to check out the historical christmas market at RAW
  • On Saturday admission for all museums on Museum’s Island and Kulturforum is free. The background is the imminent completion of Humboldt Forum. Activities Day: On the way to the Humboldt Forum


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