Berlin events Nov. 10th – 12th

Our tipps for your Berlin weekend

Our first tipp: stay safe and be nice to each other – even the bouncer.


Tape Art Convention in der Galerie Neurotitan

Totenkopf auf der Tape Art Convention in der Galerie Neurotitan im Haus Schwarzenberg.

Party in Berlin

  • Bass Fieber at SupaMolly is one of the few remaining Drum & Bass Parties in Berlin, this Friday they kick off the night with a live set by Planet Ion.
  • Record Loft was always more than „just a shop“, musicians and DJs from all over pilgrimaged to this musical wunderkammer on a regular basis before they fell victim to text-book gentrification. Now there are new signs of life for the beloved trackdealers. Starting Saturday at noon in Neuköllns Grießmühle people will come to together for the Recordloft Ressurection. Decks will staffed by Phillip Otterbach, Spoiled Drama and others.
  • Ska-Boom is THE event for everyone who loves offbeats. 50 years of Ska will heat up the dancefloor of Oi Zosch on Saturday
  • Kinky gays and their open-minded hetero friends are up for a sexy night of limitless debauchery at Schinkel’s Bauakademie. Horse Meat Disco is the name of the game, need we say more?
  • It’s always a gamble trying to get tickets for a sold-out concert, but it’s not everyday that The Queens of The Stone Age honour Berlin with their presence. They’re playing at Velodrom on Saturday, so: Good Luck!
  • It’s always a bit embarrassing for a professional know-it-all to see something that is totally new, just to realize – „Oh, really this already the 5th Korean Jazz Festival, never heard of it“. Well, now I know, which means, you know, swhich means there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldnt go and see Park Jiha and her mix of traditional Korean sounds and instruments with modern jazz at bflat on Sunday.
  • Who’s my Rabbit is an existential we all asked ourselves at one point in our lives. Maybe you’ll find the answer on Sunday’s party in Friedrichshain. (In case you were wondering, of course it’s Techno. If we don’t say otherwise, it is ALL Techno – we’re in Berlin ffs).

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Arty in Berlin

  • The Kupferstich Kabinett (Copper etching cabinet) on the one hand is propbably Berlin most underrated museum, on the other it is one of the most important collections of graphics worldwide with over 700.000 items ranging from real copper etchings to propagande posters. Their „Sunday of Graphics/Sonntag der Graphik“ is the perfect opportunity to get unique insights and see an exhibition with works of Käthe Kollwitz on the side.
  • This weekend offers not one, but two street art -related Vernissages. One is at JR GAllery and features works of local Berlin hero and kitty killer El Bocho, the other is a multimedia exhibition by Frenchman Vermibus at OpenWalls Gallery

Other stuff in Berlin

  • Our former guide Stefan Danziger is fasttracked for comedy fame. This Saturday he is hosting a show at BKA and presents one german and one english-speaking comedians. And in between Stefan will bring his unique comedic view of Berlin to bear.
  • If you’re looking for sustainable presents and food, Heldenmarkt AND VeggieWorld take over Station Berlin for a weekend of mindful hedonism.
  • After the big success of The Haus earlier this year, the Artcaden in Wilmersdorf try something similar. We haven’t been yet, so we can’t tell you if it’s worth it, but on Saturday there is a Tape-Art workshop by Tape That, the collective behind the genius Tape Art Convention
  • Nearly all men are slaves, at least that’s what Nicolas de Chamfort said, so how can musicians say no, and when should say. No! Music is a festival at HKW with talks, workshops, films and concerts by Pussy Riot, Bill Drummond, Pan Daijing and others.


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