Berlin events June 22nd – 24th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend

xxx-Pankow-Radtour-reflektion Party in Berlin

  • On Friday Wilde Renate invites you to „Savour the Moment„, switch off your phone and get properly lost in music without your internal filter trying to figure out what is instagram-worthy and what not. The lineup is mainly classic Techno headlines by Neil Landstrumm.
  • In a good way, Die Schöne Party (Saturday) is something like the smallest common denominator for going out. You can be sure, that absolutely nothing offensive will happen, you will know most of the music well enough to sing along, and everybody is just out there to have some fun, instead of spending too much energy on being cool.
  • FTC (fuck the calm) is a collective of Berlin DJs that got together to organize house and techno parties, first on rather wobbly legal ground, meaning they were regularly shut down by the cops, now in changing locations. This Saturday they take over Burg Schnabel with an extensive line-up for a 12-hour routine, including Kater Blau’s Mutlu, Agent and Friedrich Raphael.
  • Suicide Circus got together a huge number of A-Listers for their 9 year anniversary party, starting Friday and going well into Monday. Among others Aerea Negrot, Tanith, Wolle, Jauche, HGR, TokTok, Otto von Schirach will be behind the decks & on stage.
  • For those of you who are still bouncy on Sunday night, the Berghain gig of Golden Dawn Arkestra will definitely take of all this excess energy with their eclectiv mix of Disco, Funk and Afrobeats and their stage presence somewhere between enchanted circus and out-of-space-opera.

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Arty in Berlin

  • 48h Neukölln, need we say more? Well, more than 1.000 artists from all over the world take part in 250 exhibitions, performances, concerts, readings etc to tackle this year’s theme „New Authenticity
  • Sasha Waltz & members of her company, probably the most important famous contemporay choreographer/dancer will perform at C/O-Berlin, respectively the amazing Irving Penn exhibition. The idea is a scenic interaction between the dancers and Penn’s photography work; Still/Life, Sunday
  • Museum of Things new exhibition „The eroticism of Things“ explores the question what it is in the end, that makes us hot and horny. Is it just naked flash, what else turns us on, what materials and general shape are so suggestive that we can’t help ourselves.

Other Things to do in Berlin

  • Where just three short years ago each and every street food event was eagerly anticipated, these days, there’s almost always going something on in that regard and organisers have to up their game a bit, to get people to attend and create themed events like the Mexico special of Streetfood auf Achse at our base in Kulturbrauerei (Sunday)or the Italian Street Food Festival at Osthafen (both days).
  • The Green Market at Alte Münze goes a bit further than that and tackles the vegan lifestyle, covering everything from DIY-communities, food, cosmetics, clothing and gifts. Most – if not all- exhibitors are small scale enterprises and solo-fighters and you’re sure to find some really exceptional things.
  • Dead End open Mic is a comedy format where performers have to tackle a topic that the audience is giving them in real time. Every comedian stays on-stage until he/she gets stuck and is sent from the stage. Sunday at 800A in Wedding.
  • Wiesenburg is a former homeless shelter in Wedding, that is now an art and social space. Until July 22nd you have the opportunity to take a last look before it’s being renovated on a guided tour.
  • After last weeks satellite weekend; Comic Invasion proper is taking over Museum für Kommunikation with workshops, traders, live-drawing and everything else related to the topic.


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