Berlin events June 15th – 17th

Tipps for your Berlin weekend

berlinonbike-promo-pics-3641 If you haven’t noticed there’s a football world-cup going on right now, you either haven’t been online  for the last days, or you have the enviable ability to selectively tune out anything related to that game. Anyway, if you are interested and want to watch in a big crowd, Tagesspiegel has a list of the bigger places with screen, what in Germany, in a strange twist of Denglish, is called public viewing, although noone else understands that term. Much cozier and more personal is to just pick a bar/restaurant from one of the countries that are playing and have some fun with the locals.

Pro tip: if you like to ride your bike on totally empty streets, wait until Germany plays on Sunday, works better the further they get. If they reach the final, you could even take the Autobahn.

Party in Berlin

  • Just because a label calls itself shitlabel doesn’t mean they’re actually shit as it turns out – must be this humour-thing everyone keeps telling me about. Anyway that’s what they’re called and they have a label night feat. Alton Miller, Bodycode, Natascha Kann, Inverse Elements and others at Mensch Meier.
  • Zosch is known for an eclectic line-up that cares little about boundaries and what is proper. The Frixion, Das Fluff and Ariel Electron probably care even less, and they’re all good to for a healthy dose of electro-punk-pop avantgarde.
  • The Metafiction Cabaret pairs punk with circus, I imagine it a bit like what would’ve happenend if someone told the Sex Pistols about Burlesque. Anyway, you can make up your own mind either by paying Kreuzberg cult venue Wild at Heart a visit, or just watch the video below.
  • Wasted Unicorn at Ritter Butzke might be a bit mainstreamy for some people, on the other hand the place is big enough it isn’t too complicated to get in, but still down-to-earth. With Niko Schwind, Aka Aka, Leon Licht and a dozen others their line-up is once again spectacular and we’re looking forward to check out the newly opened open-air-area.
  • Ja ja Kreuzberger Nächte sind lang. What a shitty motto for an otherwise really cool-sounding party at Flutgraben, an evening of Dance, FAshion and Hip Hop, with (among others) Afrob at the desks.
  • Supposedly some people are scared to check out Pornceptual because they think they’re not kinky enough, but rest assured it is just a normal Berlin-style party with maybe a little more skin than average and music that is just a tiny bit rougher and more in-your-face 😉 Check out Claire Morgans set below to make up your mind.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Jule Flier’s „Störlaut“ at Sophiensaele is a voice-dance performance looking for a non-verbal expression to tackle themes like fake-news, post-factism. How do you actually make yourself heard when even the leader of the free world is just happily grunting nonsense? It all sounds rather artsy but extremely interesting as an emotional out for things our conscious minds struggle to express in words.
  • BerlinZeit (~Berlin time) is the name of the newly opened permanent exhibition at Märkisches Musem, Berlins regional history museum. From what we’ve seen so far it should be a huge step up from the old, stuffy concept. Plus, the whole exhibtion has now infos in German AND English.

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Other Things to do in Berlin

  • When the current street food craze came to Berlin a few years ago it was enough to bring a nicely done truck or two, sell something handmade and have halfway-interesting story about you and your product. Today you need to find new stories and come up with new ideas to promote the genreg. What do you think, do Streetfood and Hip Hop work well together for a festival? I would say yes, but for me food is always a good part of everything.
  • If you don’t want to limit your musical side-dishs, you have to create a motto for the food itself. This week’s edition of Bite Club is exclusively featuring all things „fried chicken“
  • Comic Invasion Berlin kicks off with their satellite weekend with workshops, exhibitions, guided-tours, talks and release-events by various artists/publishers. 
  • Make City is a festival about architecture and Urban Alternatives. Basically its about finding ways to live in a world where two out of three people will life in cities in  short order, some of them agglomerations with a 100 million people.


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