Berlin events Feb 2nd – 4th

Tips for your Berlin weekend

Alte Zapfsäule auf einem Kreuzberger Hinterhof

Alte Zapfsäule auf einem Kreuzberger Hinterhof

January is by far the most quiet month in Berlin. No one really has any money and half of the city’s party-crowd is still stuck in their new-years resolutions to become that other person, that doesn’t drink or smoke. Luckily it’s almost over and even the sun honours us with their presence. So, no more excuses, the weekend is packed with delightful events.

Party in Berlin

  • Even though their name sounds extremely German Kakkmaddafakka are in fact from Norway. On Friday they’ll heat up Huxley’s with their light and fun version of Indie-Pop. By all accounts a very danceable experience.
  • Mungo’s HiFi are the only major Reggae band with a cycling themed song, so of course we have to include their Friday concert at Yaam together with Jahtari, Illbilly Hitec, Ras Lion and Longfingah. Two days later Bone, Thugs’n‘ Harmony play the same location.
  • Panke Gallery is not only a vibrant art space but a decent party location as well. If you’re up for a bit of avantgarde-electronic, their Sound Night might be a good place to check out on Saturday.
  • Voyage voyage at Renate features a near-dozen very different DJs with a broad range of electronic flavours, most of them a bit on the dark side, though.
  • Tanz mal drüber nach sounds like a genius idea. Mostly Hip Hop and Electro have quite different fanbases, so putting up a party featuring high-flyers from both genres is nothing that comes to mind naturally. For the guys at Ritter Butzke it does, though. Denyo from Beginner Soundsystem headlines the Hip Hop stage, while Hanne & Lore and Stereo Express take care of the 4-to-the-florr crowd.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Neues Museum, home of the Egyptian collection offers unique insights in their „Artwork of the Month“ series. The second such artwork is a pair of figurines depicting Horus and Thot. Sunday and in German
  • Skalar at KRaftwerk Mitte is a laser-multimedia exhibition/show that looks very promising, 1st reviews were ravenous as well

Other stuff in Berlin

  • Care to dress fancy? I mean really fancy, like Papageno? Deutsche Oper Berlin is selling a lot of their costumes. In total more than 4.000 pieces are on sale this weekend at Wilmersdorfer Arkaden, close to the opera itself.
  • Henry Rollins is one of those characters that keep popping up in public life in ever-changing versions. The current tour is basically a slide-show from his travels. Since Mr. Rollins will probably not stop at showing us some random holiday snapshots; expect the unexpected. Sunday at Haus des Rundfunks
  • In case you need a good reason to say goodbye to those new-years resolutions I mentioned earlier; why not check out the Japanese Sake Festival at Urban Spree.



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