Berlin events Feb 16-18th

Our tips for your Berlin weekend

Streetart in Berlin: Tasmanian devil in Mauerpark

Interesting style on this Tasmanian devil, using light outlines instead of black. Location: Mauerpark

Of course, culturally this week is dominated by Berlinale and all that comes with it, like the Boddinale, an community-driven grass-roots film festival. Even though we had nothing to do with it, we’re kind of proud, that our guide Kati has a screening of her latest short movie Rubber Duckery at Urban Spree.  In other news, it’s only three short weeks until we start with our 2018 season and we’re happy to announce that there will regular Street art tours in English, every Friday.

Party in Berlin

  • David Rodigan is a living legend. As a white radio DJ that played Reggae and Ska on his BFBS and Kiss FM shows, he’s responsible for many first contacts with the genre. For Saturday’s party at Gretchen he’ll be supported DJs Zinc and Mr. Jay, who will be picking up the pace with their Drum and Bass sets.
  • Strangely enough, there’s a second D&B party at Bassport on Revaler Straße featuring Cativo.
  • Quite on the opposite end of the musical spectrum you can find dreamy Indie-pop band Belle & Sebastian, who will be playing at Admiralspalast on the same day.
  • At Prince Charles this Saturday’s Hip Hip will be about all things Pharell Williams – remixes, covers, originals, inspirations, you name it, doesn’t even really matter what genre it’s in, as long as there in some kind of connection.
  • To balance things out, we have an electro event to share; this weeks Tresor clubnight features a live gig by Ansome and DJ sets by Skull, Aubrey, Perc and Patrick DSP.
  • Chalet is hosting Sascha Funke, Ida Daugaard, punk-influenced Local Suicide, Dilby from NZ and Noah Pred from Toronto to create quite the eclectic line-up for their Club Night on Saturday.
  • Dj Andy Smith used to be part of Portishead and is a true nerd when it comes to unearthing obscure sounds and subsequently pitching and yawing them a lot to create something new. Reach Up – Disco Wonderland is his 1st foray into Disco and Boogie. He will be suppported by Mitch Alive (soundcloud)for their event at Bar Tausend.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Humanmachine is an ongoing 3-hour performance that combines, dance and video with text and theatre. The overarching topic is a trip through time and space connecting the supposed utopia of early tribal communities with a distopian look at a future dominated by AI and algorithms. Friday at Uferstudios.
  • Aus dem Hinterhalt: Carmen“ (~Ambushed from  behind: Carmen) is a late-night performance at Deutsche Oper for which singer, poet and acitivist Lydiy Lunch dissects five main stage opera premieres to remix and recontextualize a piece of each together with guest artists like Neubauten drummer N.U. Unruth, Amnesia Scanner and rapper Black Cracker. Saturday
  • On 10 Sundays a small ensemble of musicians from Staatsoper is playing a concert at Bodemuseum to combine some of the best performers with amazing art from all over the world, presented in a stunning enviroment.
  • Lovelite has been a central pillar of the Friedrichshain party circuit since the early 90s and some of my best nights took place there. After being evicted from their original location they found a new one close and changed the concept a bit; more art and more daytime activities. They’re still a bit quirky and avantgarde in a good way, without being exclusive. Don Mercedes Moped (aka René Marik) hosts some of his favorite artist for Lieblingsshow (Favorite Show), which this Sunday will be Friedrich Lichtenstein, Karsten Lampe and Jochen Falk.
  • Kunsthaus Dahlem is showing 30 works of the painter Armin Stern for the 1st time.

Other Stuff in Berlin

  • Sol food cinema is a project by chef Guilermo Sartor and filmmaker Cameron Starr. After travelling the world with a tuk-tuk for nearly 3 years they arrived in Berlin a while ago. They’re kind of looking for reasons to stay, but first they gonna show what stories and recipes they found on their travels. For this they created a regular event, Sundays at Sage beach, that combines five courses with five short documentaries.
  • Last week we celebrated the date on which the Wall was gone exactly as long as it stood and even created a new word for it: Zirkeltag (not us personally, but someone did). The memorial at Bernauer Straße is hosting a photo exhibition to commemorate the fact with a lot of so-far unseen pictures: 28 years Berlin with and without the wall


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