Berlin events Dec 8th – 10th

Recommendations for your Berlin weekend

Grafitti by Berlin artist Tobo "A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend"

Tobo is a regular at Mauerpark and his anthropromorphic characters all have an anarchic streak and a „don’t-fuck-with-me-„attitude that resonates strongly with Berliners, who always had a problem with authorities.

We know you all love Glühwein and christmas markets, as do we. But we have to admit after 2 weeks working in an office that is literally in the middle of one, it’s hard to keep up the spirit. As much fun as the scandinavian Lucia market is, the choice of music is shall we say „special“ and mainly consists of bagpipes and guttural chanting from some cold and far-off place, where they  supposedly still ride reindeers to get to work. Not that we actually complain, it’s the perfect excuse to start drinking at 3 pm with the posse of Prenzlberg mamas that meet here regularly to drown their sorrows. Nonetheless I scanned approximately 46 different christmas markets to present you a short list at the bottom of the page.

Well, enough lamentation. There’s one christmassy event we’d like to point out to you, the Santa Ride . So get your costume, or at least something red to wear, maybe a fake beard and enjoy the ride. And now, without further ado, here’s what we found for you:

Party in Berlin

  • The guys of Impala Ray (Friday at Badehaus) describe their music as BayFolk. Even if there definetely are influences from the US west coast, the first syllabla has more to do with Bayern (Bavaria) than the Bay Area. It’s basically pop with some folksy add-ons, like a tuba or a washboard. Happy music that let’s you think of the mountains and the sea.
  • Friday sees a concert by post-pop-electro-rock-diva Kitty Solaris. (I’m sorry, I really don’t know how to better describe her music, just watch the video below and see for yourself)
  • Punk’s not dead, it’s playing a concert at Astra on Saturday. If there is one band in Germany that stands for musical resistance and punk in general it is SLIME. Since 1979 they are loud, fun and not one bit ambivalent. If you never have seen them before this a must-see event. German has a beautiful word for something like that. „Bildungslücke“ can be translated with „a gap in education“ but goes way beyond that. It implies a serious shortcoming, like when someone asks „who is Shakespeare“. Well, SLIME are the Shakespeare of German Punk and you should really close that gap.
  • It’s nice to know you can rely on the folks at Gretchen to ignore the pre-christmas madness and instead celebrate 21 years of Berlin’s biggest and most important Drum&Bass party. With Fabio and Grooverider, two of the most influencial figures of the scene will headline this Saturday of RECYCLE – Berlin’s finest D’n’B.

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Arty in Berlin

  • The performance troupe Showcase Beat Le Mot will try to communicate with the universe using their audience for an artistic slingshot maneuver. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but the description for the event at HAU 2 sounds and looks like fun, and it almost always is. 
  • The Bauhaus Archive is taking a closer look at one of their overseas offshoots. New Bauhaus Chicago – Experiment Photography takes a closer look at the works that came out of that institution, founded by Laszlo Moholy-Nagi when he emigrated to the US fleeing the Nazi terror in Europe and thus infusing the american photography scene with new energy and visual concepts.
  • UFA history of a brand“ at Deutsche Cinemathek presents the 100-year.history of this most influential German movie studio and its stars in 7 chapters.

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Other Stuff/Christmas Markets

  • Berlin Graphic Days are already an institution for lovers of art and individual handcrafted presents, featuring everything from screenprints, to postcards, to paintings and clothes. So naturally they want a piece of the Christmas cake and joined Weihnachtsrodeo for this weekend. The latter is a rather nice indoor market. Pricing is a bit upscale, but a lot of the goods on offer are extremely unique and extraordinary.
  • One market even the Grinch would enjoy is the one at Richardplatz. Surrounding the forge non-profit organisations sell their wares and all the proceeds go to social projects. The location is incredible and if you want a piece of the old West-Berlin this is where you find.
  • Another promising event is Merry Markthalle at Markthalle IX. A lot of the vendors are related to food/cooking and grooming with a dash of foto-art and everything else. There’s a baking workshop for kids, a choir and endless selection of Berlin’s best streetfood.
  • Not a recoomendation but a warning; many of those markets and especially the one at Gendarmenmarkt will be absolutely packed on the weekend, even more so, when the weather is good, so expect a lot of human contact.


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