Berlin events Dec 1st to 3rd

Our tips for your Berlin weekend

lucia-weihnachtsmarkt-4963 Did you get whammed! already? It’s getting increasingly difficult to avoid christmassy things these days. For us, it’s simply impossible, because we have a christmas market right in our headquarter and come 3pm christmas feeling is all you can get in Kulturbrauerei. Why not embrace it and try to find out which stall has the best Glühwein this year? So, this is exactly what we’re gonna do, once we’re done here and you should too. If you don’t where, we added a couple of special christmas markets on the bottom of the page.

Party in Berlin

  • If you only know Romare from his Boiler-room sets, you’re missing out quite a lot. Romare is like the ultimate musical puzzler, combining everything from Afrobeats to Electro and melancholic pop-tunes to create something new – and you won’t even notice you’re listening to an elaborate mosaic. Friday at Gretchen.
  • This month’s installment of Techno Türken is being celebrated at Kosmonaut on Friday.
  • Fink is one of those under-appreciated musical masterminds that slowly managed to gather a larger and larger fanbase without ever compromising. With the classical jazz-combo of guitar, bass and a small drumset the band of the same name creates a raw jazzy pop that always sounds like you’re in a small smoke-filled club after midnight, even when they’re playing bigger and bigger halls. A concert not to be missed, if you have the chance.
  • Burn, Berlin, Burn“ is the title of an Album by Atari Teenage Riot and the name of a small festival on Saturday, featuring said band, Alec Empire and others to raise funds for a number of anti-fascist initiatives.
  • Skanta Klaus comes early this year and is bringing gifts of trombones and off-beats to SupaMolly on Saturday.
  • At Club der Polnischen Versager Arik Strauss and band present an evening of finest crossover jazz on Saturday.
  • If you’re over 40 (or very retro) Frannz Club right in our headquarter at Kulturbrauerei has the right event for you. „Rebell Yell – Love the 80s“ does exactly what it says on the cover.

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Arty in Berlin

  • Ades Zabels alter ego Edith Schröder, the proverbial Neukölln cleaning woman shares her unique insight in Berlins humorous underbelly on Sunday. Biggy van Blond, Bob Schneider and others will support him/her in this worthy endeavour. „Ades Zabel & Company: Wenn Ediths Glocken läuten, Vol. 14“ GERMAN ONLY
  • Paper Revolution at Museum Bröhan is a collection soviet graphics design from the 20s and 30s, a period that birthed a distintive design style that is instantly recognizable.

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Other stuff in Berlin

  • On Saturday you have the rare opportunity to see a 360° multimedia version of Pink Floyd’s coming-of-age master piece The Wall at the Wilhelm-Foerster observatory. According to their website they held back a few tickets for the sold-out event to buy on site.
  • MP Maren Jasper-Winter shows you around her workplace at the Berlin Parliament (Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus) and gives insight on how parlamentarism works on a practical level.
  • If you’re looking for unique and artsy christmas presents, Berlin Graphic Market is the place to go this weekend. As part of the Weihnachtsrodeo, artists and craftspeople from Berlin sell their works this weekend and the next at the old cold storage in Luckenwalder Straße. If you absolutely can’t do without Craftbeer during your christmas shoppping you’re probably better of with the Brlo Xmas Market.  Or, if this still not special enough, you could check out the Japanese and Korean Christmas Market in Friedrichshain.
  • Tech-supplier and maker heaven Conrad takes over Station Berlin for their event „Was mit Drohnen und Technik“ („Something with drones and technology). The main event will be the last race of the Drone Champions League, but there’s lots of other stuff to do and see – if you like toys and tinkering: 3D printing, VR Gaming, a helicopter simulator etc.


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